Fontanini Holy Family Lighted Outdoor Nativity Set

I love to talk about Fontanini, so it’s only natural that I would be a little curious to learn more about a Fontanini Outdoor Nativity display. Fontanini has created some of the most collectable nativity sets, and while it doesn’t surprise me that they would try to make a move to create beautiful outdoor nativity scenes, I was honestly a little surprised to learn exactly what they made.

First of all, I really like the look of this set. The artwork that went into it is really quite nice, and is certainly what one might expect from Fontanini. Beyond that, I think it falls a bit short of Fontanini’s usual standards, but I suppose when it comes down to it, this is a very affordable option compared to the displays they could be coming up with.

With that in mind, a simple 2D representation of the Holy Family may be just what you’re looking for, and this could be your answer, though you may need to make a couple of considerations before picking this scene up for your yard.

The first thing I want to bring to your attention is that while this display does have sturdy metal frames, the artwork is screened onto a thin sheet of PVC. The problem with this is that while PVC is great for cold temperatures, it is easily punctured or torn. I suggest that this display be placed in an area sheltered from wind and snow drifts, and make sure that it is firmly secured by nailing it into the ground with its included pegs.

The next thing that you should consider is buying some soft flood lighting. The reason I suggest this is because that while the set claims to be lighted, those lights are not strong enough to show off the artwork where there is no additional or natural lighting and you will find yourself with a display of lights that will look entirely random and not like a nativity display at all.

However, with those two considerations in mind, this could be an absolutely lovely set for anyone looking to bring the meaning of Christmas to their yard.


What’s included with the Fontanini Holy Family Lighted Outdoor Nativity Set?

This is a pretty simple set, actually. It includes everything needed to easily set up 3 separate display pieces – Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the manger. The tallest display piece, Joseph, stands at 4 feet tall. The rust-proof metal frame supports the PVC screens as well as over 200 mini lights. Ground stakes are included to secure the display, and the lights are rated for outdoor use. Total shipping weight of this set is less than 13 lbs.


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Fontanini Centennial Lighted Nativity Set

Let this wonderful starter Fontanini nativity set charm its way under your Christmas tree this year.  The Centennial Nativity Set is a beautiful choice because of the way it was painted, especially the stable itself.  I absolutely adore how the walls were made to look like the plaster is wearing away, exposing richly colored rocks beneath. The roof was made to look like the wood has been damaged by time, and bits of hay are thrown about to make it appear as if someone is trying to protect the old building.

You’ll find that this starter set is richly designed to the smallest detail.  Each of its figurines seem to come alive due to the hand-painted process, which also lends a certain level of uniqueness to every item.

This is a great choice for families with small children as little hands won’t damage the solid resin construction of the figurines. And because it’s Fontanini, you can always expand on your original set because they are always introducing new figurines, buildings and other great accessories. One could easily create an entire Christmas village by adding in everything from the wisemen and their camels to the shepherds tending their flock to bakery complete with a baker.

What’s Included in the Fontanini Centennial Nativity Set?

This Fontanini Nativity starter set comes with the gorgeous stable, and six lovely 5″ figurines. The nativity figurines that come with the set are: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Gloria Angel, a donkey and ox.

The entire set is about 10″H x 14″W x 6.5″D, which means that it can be placed practically anywhere. I find it most convenient to put my nativity under the tree, but you could easily find other places for it, such as a display table or a fireplace mantle.  It also comes with a light and cord that can be removed when you need to store it after the holiday celebrations are done.


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