Children’s Olive Wood Nativity Set

Children's Olive Wood Nativity Set
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Many grown adults remember playing with this timeless nativity set when they were children, and it’s not hard to understand why it remains a constant in the world of nativities.

Anyone who grew up with this set is still endeared by it to this day, often searching it out to bring home to their children in time for Christmas. And as adults, we can look into these sets and remember all those Christmases spent playing with the sets, admiring them. Giving your child this nativity means that you are passing that Christmas nostalgia on to them for life.

The Olive Wood Nativity Set has retained its legacy throughout time due to its simplicity and charm. The figurines are carved quite abstractly, which children seem to find appealing, but at the same time, it’s not designed by toy companies that make nativities that look like their year-round toy sets, such as the Little People Nativity Set.

This can be both a positive and a negative – the pieces aren’t as durable as plastic sets, but it is a welcome departure from the commercialized products we have become so accustomed to.  There are no bright colors and little plastic men masquerading as biblical figures here.  There also is no indulgence in detail that finer display sets have that turn children off, no matter how much we grown-ups might enjoy it.


What’s Included in the Olive Wood Nativity Set?

What you see is what you get – twelve beautiful figurines carved out of Olive Wood from Bethlehem. These figures include Baby Jesus and his manger, Mary and Joseph, the Shepard, the Three Wise Men and four animals including two sheep, a donkey and a cow, and the stable, if you were to choose that version. Nothing more, nothing less.

The figurines themselves are quite small – around 3 inches tall, but its size is perfect for kids.

If you choose to get the stable, you will find that it is equally as simple – the only decorations it has is the star and a tree.



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Olive Wood Nativity Set With Stable

Choose this option if you would like the stable. The stable has lovely carved details such as a palm tree and the Star of Bethlehem.


Olive Wood Nativity Set Without Stable

Already have a stable or want a more dramatic look? Choose the Olive Wood Nativity Set that doesn't have the stable.


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