Little People® Deluxe Christmas Story Nativity Set

Fisher Price Little People Deluxe Christmas Story Nativity Set
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As many parents know, keeping little fingers off of delicate nativity sets can be a bit of a chore. The solution? Give those little fingers their own little nativity set to play with!

Designed specifically for toddlers, this interactive Little People Deluxe Christmas Story Set will keep your small children entertained and teach them about the Christmas Story with colorful and sturdy plastic pieces that are meant for rough play and won’t damage easily.

Besides helping children keep their fingers off your set, this is the perfect way for parents to teach their children about the nativity story in ways that they are more likely to understand, and to involve themselves in since these toys are much more attractive to little ones.  A great way to spend a family night together as Christmas approaches is to bring out this set and have them introduce each figure to the set as they come up in the Christmas Story.

This specific set was released a few years ago and is hard to find in stores. It might be a good idea to purchase it soon before they go out of stock.


What does the Little People Deluxe Christmas Story Nativity Set Include?

This Fisher-Price Nativity Set includes a stable with room for Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, who is attached to his manger. There are also two walls with palm trees attached that can be connected to the stable and some other Little People sets, such as the Little People Shepards set.

Also included is the Angel who sits on top of the stable, the three wise men, their camel, a cow, one sheep, a donkey pulling a cart full of fruit, and a donkey without a cart. It really is a complete nativity set.

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