Holy Family PVC Outdoor Nativity Scene

Holy Family PVC Outdoor Nativity Scene
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If you’re looking for an outdoor nativity set to display this year, this could quite possibly be the one for you. The basic set is in the same price range as the White Silhouette Nativity Scene I’ve talked about, but it is much more colorful and comes almost completely inclusive of everything you need.

There are a few things that I really like about these sets. Of course, they’re very pretty, as you can see. I probably wouldn’t write about them if they weren’t.

But beyond beauty, there is much more to like about them, such as how they came to be.

Twenty years ago, a California man who describes himself as a Christian and math teacher, started out by building his own nativity set out of plywood and paint. It was a hit with his neighbors, and soon they wanted their own as well.

Knowing that his plywood and paint versions wouldn’t last very long, and seeing that there was a demand for his Nativity scenes, he started looking into how to produce a better product. Years have passed since that first Nativity set, and in that time, not only has he created and made available very high quality and durable outdoor nativity scene for anyone to enjoy, but he has created his own part-time business out of his hobby and his Christian beliefs. He is still primarily a math teacher and intends to keep it that way.

The set itself has had quite a few improvements over the years to ensure that it will last in any of the many climates that we experience, including the brutal winters of the Mid-West. The pieces are cut out of ¼” PVC board which is very capable of handling the most extreme temperatures and won’t easily crack. The color is impregnated directly into the PVC board to eliminate peeling and resist fading caused by UV rays. The stakes for securing the pieces into the ground are also made of durable plastic and will hold firm against heavy winds.

It’s very easy to set up and take down, though you will require a mallet to pound the stakes into the ground.


What’s included with the Holy Family Outdoor Nativity Scene?

Included with the Basic Set

  • Mary holding Jesus, standing about 24″high.
  • Joseph, also 24″ high
  • The Manger, roughly 10″ high
  • The Star of Bethlehem, 12″
  • The Stable - when assembled, is about 60″ wide and with the star attached stands about 45″ tall
  • Floodlight fixture that stakes into the ground - bulb not included
  • Bag full of straw to place on the ground around the scene
  • Ships in a 2′ by 2′ by 5″ box that the entire set can easily pack back down into after it comes down.


Included with the Full Set

  • All pieces mentioned above, Plus:
  • The 3 Wisemen, tallest is 42″ tall
  • A Camel, 20″ tall and 34″ wide
  • A Donkey, 22″ tall
  • A Shepherd Boy, 32″ tall
  • Two Sheep, the taller being 12″ tall
  • A second spotlight fixture - bulb not included


Want a larger set? There is a third set that is the same as the Basic Set, but it is much larger. Click here to see it at Amazon.

All sets are also available in white, but we like this white outdoor nativity scene.

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