Mini Heartwood Creek Nativity Set by Jim Shore

Mini Nativity Set by Jim Shore
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This is easily one of the most stunning uses of color that I have ever seen in a nativity set. Jim Shore, a well-known folk artist, has created a few nativity sets to add to his massive collection of Christmas decorations, but this set is by far my favorite.

I find this set very striking not only for Jim’s use of vibrant and contrasting colors but also for the use of them in bold quilted patterns found throughout each piece. Bright blues, greens, and lilacs are found on most pieces, and if not used in the quilted patterns themselves, they can be found in the many fine details found within the different scenes painted into each of the adult figurine’s dress. The use of color is really what ties this whole set together and brings it to life.

I find myself enamored by the style of the carving, particularly when it comes to the three wise men. They seem almost surreal with their big-bottomed garments, short arms, and round bearded heads with hats that look like spinning tops.

But my favorite detailing of this set is the pictorials painted onto the skirts of the larger figurines. Each of these tie into each other again by telling a smaller piece of the nativity story, from the Star of Bethlehem painted on one skirt, to the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, to the angels heralding Jesus’s birth.

This is one of the few sets available that begs to be studied at length by anyone who sees it in your home, due to Jim’s marvelous use of colors and incredibly well thought out detailing. I absolutely adore this set, and believe that it would be perfect in almost every home. At the very least, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to add a splash of color under their Christmas Tree.


What’s included in this Mini Nativity Set by Jim Shore?

This 9 piece set includes a wooden stable, Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as well as the three wise men, the shepherd, a donkey, and a sheep. The stable is 8 inches tall and 9 inches wide, and the figurines range in size from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches tall. All figurines are ‘stone’ resin – which I can only imagine means ‘really, really hard’ resin.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Heartwood Creek Nativity Set by Jim Shore

  1. amelia says:

    This is one of the happiest little nativity sets I’ve ever seen! I’ve been looking for a nativity set, and while I haven’t decided yet, this one is so colorful I might not be able to resist it.

    Do you know if the figurines are durable?

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