Willow Tree Starter Nativity Set (6 Pieces)

Willow Tree Starter Nativity Set (6 Pieces)
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The Willow Tree Nativity Starter Set is arguably one of the most beautiful nativity sets you can bring home for Christmas, especially when you consider its price. Not only does the artistic style appeal to many with its marvelous simplicity, but it also seems to cast an air of serenity all around it, allowing you to easily be taken up in the spirit of the holiday.

I actually find to be one of the loveliest Nativity sets out there, and with so many other Willow Tree Nativity Figurines available, it can very quickly turn into a yearly tradition to seek out the perfect addition to a growing collection. Other important nativity staples such as the stable are available individually or included in larger starter sets.  This set is the simplest of the Willow Tree Nativity collection.

This starter set is not only great for your own home, but makes the perfect gift for a bridal shower, wedding, or a newlywed first Christmas as it will ensure the new couple remembers where it came from and hold a special place for them as they build their lives together.

This set comes highly recommended by many satisfied owners, with several of them telling that the artistry of the figurines has a much more refined feel than many of the popular sets available today.

Overall, I highly recommend this nativity starter set. It is as stunning as it is simple, and will be cherished for many years to come.


What’s Included in the Willow Tree Starter Nativity Set?

This is a 6 piece nativity set that comes with Joseph, Mary holding Baby Jesus as well as a donkey, the Shepherd and his small flock of two sheep.  All figurines are cast in resin, making them extremely durable.

The moldings they are each cast from are made from the original hand carved figurine created by Susan Lordi. Susan creates her nativity figurines using her strong artistic gift to capture the essences of family and friends posed as her models.  These are truly beautiful creations.

While it is durable, there is some concern about it being left in the reach of small children, as Joseph’s staff is not stable enough for play and can come off.  I don’t suggest you leave this set around where the curious fingers of small children can reach it.  If you are concerned about children handling them, consider giving them their own nativity set to play with.

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